Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The PIC16F1827: an inexpensive, fully loaded MCU

I'm excited about the PIC16F1827 because it's packed with peripherals, has five! timers, has an internal clock with a maximum frequency of 32MHz, and yet is no more expensive than other 18pin PIC16s. I want a tube of these!

Just my luck though. I'll have to wait. I try and obtain all my PICs from Microchip Direct, but the 1827 won't be available till the end of this year (extended temperature PDIP is on stock, however). RS Components has none either. Farnell has stocks but comes out way pricier. 

Hardware aside, I have no plans on programming this chip using assembly. So I need a C compiler. You'd expect Microchip's compiler division would have a compiler ready once the chip is out, but even with the acquisition of Hi Tech it has yet to support the 1827. That's rather strange. The just released MikroC Pro v4.10 does support the MCU and several other enhanced PIC16s. BoostC by SourceBoost also recognizes the 1827. 

Guess I'll be playing with this MCU early next year.

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