Friday, June 25, 2010

Shape up, Farnell

Four weeks after I placed an order with Farnell, the ICs haven't arrived yet. Their lead time is 1 to 3 weeks. I emailed them saying it was way past the maximum lead time they had provided me. A representative of theirs called me the next morning and told me that all the parts were already in their local warehouse, except for one. And that one part has a lead time of 32 weeks! 7 months! Well, why the heck didn't they tell me earlier? And why didn't they deliver the components that are already in their office? Why did the client have to follow up before informing him of this extraordinary situation? Uhh!

The person I spoke with told me she'll get on matter immediately and deliver the parts that are already around. She gave me the option of retaining or canceling the IC that won't be available till next year. After I said it would be good if could be cancelled, she said she'll have to check whether it can be cancelled. Argghh! Doesn't this company have a policy in place for these situations? This isn't at all what I expect from a global distribution company. Three thumbs down.

I rarely purchase from Farnell because their prices are way higher than RS Components'. The only reason I ever get from Farnell is if RS doesn't carry the part. And I only buy from RS when local suppliers don't have what I need. With this unforgivable incompetence, Farnell has slipped further than last place in my list.

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